Social Responsibility

In today’s increasingly fast-paced world, many brands neglect to acknowledge the world around us, choosing instead to focus on profit and bottom line.

However, Whonelinens is different. We believe in pleasing our customers as well as the environment, working to make a difference in everyone we touch. That’s why we focus on social responsibility. Every action has a reaction, and everything we do is intended to minimize ours.

Artificial fibers play a large role in most textile production, especially with synthetic fabrics, like nylon and polyester, on the rise. Instead of investing in low-cost, chemical-laden materials and manufacturing processes, however, Wholelinens believe in reducing the risk to our customers. From the 100% cotton to pure linen, all the luxury products offered by Wholelinensare crafted from natural fibers and complied with the strict standard of OEKO TEX 100, a certificate for testing the harmful chemicals in the textiles that touch the skin.When you purchase products from, you can count on nothing but all-natural fibers and a comfortable feel.