1.Why is linen an ideal bedding fabric for a better sleep?
Linen is very soft and breathable. With its porous nature, linen has natural heat and moisture-wicking properties. Lying in linen bedding make one warm in the winter while insulating and cool in the summer.

2.Why linen is believed to be sustainable and eco-friendly?
Linen is a natural fiber derived from the flax plant. Flax grows naturally, requires very little water and little to zero fertilizers or pesticides. All parts of the flax plant can be utilized and 100% biodegradable, leaves no waste.

3.Where is the linen at WHOLELINENS.COM from?
The linen collections are crafted in China while all the linen materials are from France and Belgium.

4.Why Belgian Linen and French Linen are the best in the world?
In Europe, flax planting has a long history. Now flax plant are widely planted globally, but with 70% of its production concentrated in west Europe, such as France, Belgium, The Netherlands, etc. With its unique middle and high latitude, fertile soil, temperate marine climate, rich precipitation and sunshine, this region produces the best quality of flax. Top quality flax is known for its superior luster, softness, density, tenacity, evenness, clarity and long staple. Proudly, all the linen products at WHOLELINENS.COM are all crafted from top flax fibers from Belgium and France.

5.What certification do your linen& cotton products have?
At WHOLELINENS.COM, all the products including linen collections and cotton collections are OEKO-TEX 100 certified to ensure the fabrics do not contain harmful chemicals during the production.All the cotton products are from BCI cotton, i.e. Better Cotton Initiative, which assures cotton to be grown following environmental management, save water and minimize the impact to the environment.

6.What is the difference between Percale and Sateen?
Percale fabric is woven constantly one yarn up and one yarn down from warp and weft. It is characterized by a matte finish, dense and crisp hand. Percale fabric is lighter in weight, breathable and will get softer with continued use.
There are lots kinds of sateen cotton fabric. Mostly, sateen fabric is woven by three yarns up and one yarn down from weft and warp, to create a matte silky smooth surface with a luminous sheen. Sateen is usually a little thicker and lustrous and natural wrinkle resistant. Sateen is an ideal fabric for luxury sheet set, especially higher thread count collection.

7.What is the Thread Count?
Thread count is a measure of how many threads are woven per square inch, both the vertical (warp) and horizontal (weft) yarns in total. The higher the thread count, the denser and the more luxury fabric you will feel. To sheet set, high thread count is not the only indicator of a sheet’s quality, as many factors—including the kind of cotton & type of weave—have an impact on a sheet’s softness & durability.

8.Are linen products difficult to care and maintain?
Linen products are just easy caring and needs less washing. Please follow the care instruction attached with the product you bought. Properly caring of the linen will ensure a greater longevity.

9.Will the linen products shrink after washing?
Linen products at WHOLELINENS.COM are stone washed and softened, it will not shrink after every wash.

10.Will the cotton matelassé coverlet shrink after wash?
Usually the matelassé products shrink after wash, because of its thick and textured construction. But the matelassé coverlet from WHOLELINENS.COM are pre-washed and pre-shrink, it won’t shrink after wash.

11.Do you accept custom order?
Usually WHOLELINENS.OCM won’t accept custom orders. If you're interested in wholesaling a custom size of one of our bedding products, please contact us.

12.Why the products at WHOLELINENS.COM are more competitive in pricing than that from department stores and other online retailers?
Wholelinens sources directly from the mill overseas and doesn’t distribute to retail department stores and other boutique stores. Our supply chain is vertical and short, there are no extra mark ups added before list on website.

13.Can I just buy duvet cover or sheets without shams and pillow cases? Can I buy extra pillow shams or pillow cases?
At wholelinens.com, we sell the duvet set or sheet set in one package and the shams or pillow cases can’t be taken out of the package. If you need more shams or pillow cases to layer your bed, we have limited quantity to sell.

14.Does the duvet cover have corner ties inside?
Yes, all the duvet covers at wholelinens.com has 4 corner ties to keep the duvet in place.