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Stay Refreshed, Healthy and Comfortable at Home

If you are one of the millions of Americans who is currently staying home during the coronavirus outbreak, you might be spending a little more time than usual lounging in bed. Of course, now it is the best time to catch up on some sleep and naps that you’ve been missing, and nothing is better than greeting a brand new day with full energy after a high quality rest.

Wholelinens is here to help you enjoy those marathon sleep sessions in greater comfort.

Our linen products give softer, more comfortable feel that caresses the skin while wicking away sweat or moisture through the night. Smart choices for those looking for all season bedding sets!

If you have a little more time during Staycation and want to refresh your rooms for a simple, neat look for the upcoming summer, check out the Double Stitching Edge or Ties Closure Duvet Cover Set with basic sheet set. Multiple sizes and colors are available to accommodate your needs.

For those of you who are fans of romantic and royal-looking living spaces, we have the Ruffled Edge Duvet Cover  with ruffled bed-skirt and accessories. Of course, there are also multiple sizes and colors for your choice.

Give yourself a soft, comfortable and refreshed experience while staying indoor!



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